Dedicated to bringing high quality night golf and nightlife experiences for San Diego locals and those that travel to our wonderful city.
San Diego Night Golf and Nightlife.
Q: "I've been golfing for 4 years seriously now and love the sport, but I've heard horror stories about night golfing, like equipment not being very playable and the glow stick balls being hard to find in the dark. Won't it be harder to play in the dark anyway? This sport is hard enough as it is!"
A: The some of theses horror stories, and some hold great merit- But with the resources available currently, night golf is in many ways easier than daytime golfing! Newer companies have developed more playable glow in the dark balls, charged by UV flashlights or lighting fixtures that hit like a regulation golf ball. And in addition to the colorful LED stakes clearly outlining the green and the cut of the fairway, each hole is easily distinguishable from long distances with an LED flagpole. 
Q: "I can barely see my ball in the daytime. How could anyone find their ball in the dark?"
A: With glow in the dark balls, it's easy and awesome to watch your ball fly wherever it may go! And if you lose sight of it, by walking in the direction it went, the glow will jump out at you through the grass or weeds it may be lying in!
Q: "What you're trying to do seems like a party, or music event or something. Isn't golf serious?"
A: While professional tournaments can be very serious, we find all golf is serious...Seriously fun! Our events focus more on the fun, so skill level is of no importance. 
Q: "I do not golf, but my friends would attend this event. Would it be worth it to go to this event even if I am not a golfer, and what would I do?"
A: Nightlife Golf events offer more than just golfing at night, Live entertainment, food and beverage will be made available to ensure everyone will be satiated. You could tag along with your friends for the colorful walk, or focus on the music or entertainment featured that night.
Q: "Do I have to be a golfer to enjoy a round of night golf with friends?"
A: Of course not! We feel that night golf is a great way to get into the sport; we often find golfers inviting their friends that don't golf. 
Q:"What do I need to play a round of nightgolf?"
A: Grab your tennis shoes, your friends, and your clubs (If you have clubs, if not, no worries- We got you!)  
Q: "How many people are on a team?"
A: Efficient teams are up to four but occasionally you can get a group of five, just be courteous to teams behind you waiting to go.
Q: "What should I wear to night golf?"
A: Wear your whites, neons and bright colors! A light windbreaker or jacket might come in handy, keep an eye on the weather before you come to get the most out of your game.